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Introducing an “alternative” investment that generates long-term annual income for up to sixty years...


  • Projected returns above *10% a year once trees are mature – beating stocks, bonds and other risky investments...

  • None of the volatility or crash risk of the stock market or real estate...

  • Surprising safety and more security than almost any other investment...

  • The coconut tree produces coconuts for up to sixty years – some call it the agricultural annuity…

Alex Wilson, CEO of Precious Timber, reveals the surprising facts about the many advantages of investing in coconuts.

Yes, farmland... the hard asset that institutional investors have poured more than $20 BILLION into.

Dear Long-Term Investor,
If you’re seeking a safe, long-term annual income of as much as *10% a year...every year. 

  • Forget the stock and bonds markets.  
  • Stop the worry.  Stop the risk.  And stop losing money on low-return investments.  
  • The low-risk, high-return investment the wealthy have been using for safe and solid returns is a unique investment centered on one of the best wealth creators of all time… alternative farmland.

And some of the largest beverage companies in the world are now focusing on this long-term investment to generate attractive returns from the commercial growing of coconuts. Private investors too are turning to coconut ownership to avoid the high risks of stocks, bonds, precious metals and even traditional real estate. Here are 3 reasons why:

Perpetual Annual Income:

Coconut trees do only one thing – grow coconuts, and they do so when the stock market is up or down or the economy is good or in recession.

One Commodity - Multiple Markets:

There are now thousands of applications for coconuts across many uncorrelated markets providing investment safety and long-term demand. 

A Real Tangible Asset:

With the expanding global population more and more pressures are put on feeding the world. Farmland prices are expected soar over the next 20 years.



The long-term supply-demand outlook for coconuts is highly bullish. Learn how you can profit from this expanding market. Claim your FREE, no obligation Profits from Coconuts Information Kit.


High profit agriculture has always been an investment that required such a massive outlay of capital—usually in the seven-figure range—that only the wealthy could afford to invest in it.

Until now.

Thanks to a revolutionary NEW direct coconut ownership program from Precious Timber, S.A., ANY “accredited investor” can profit safely in the global coconut production marketplace.

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*10% return on investment is not guaranteed and actual returns may be higher or lower.

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